Latest News from SFAfA — Summer 2022

There have been lots of changes on the veterinary front in the last couple of years. For those of you who are new to the Bay Area, San Francisco Aid for Animals is a program started by four SFVMA member veterinarians in 2013 to help clients facing financial hardship get urgently needed veterinary care for their pets. Since then, we have grown our board to eleven members. SFAfA partners with our member hospitals to provide that care through our financial assistance and hospital discounts. To date we have provided over one million dollars in veterinary care to over 600 beloved pets. This past year cases included a fractured pelvis, a mass removal, an enucleation, a Naproxen toxicity, and dental work to name a few.

Enrollment time is here!

Our new fiscal year starts July 1, 2022. We have emailed invitations to all of our member hospitals. If you have received your invitation, please sign the form and get it back to us so that you can continue to have access to grant funds next year. If your hospital is not a member and you are interested in partnering with us, we would be happy to speak to you about the program and about enrollment.

Reminder for those of you who have not utilized all of your grants funds this year:

Our fiscal year closes on June 15th. If you identify a case that needs our help, please make sure to use the funds and submit the grant request to us by June 15th. If you have an active case where you won’t have completed treatment by our deadline please call us. We can work on an extension to keep the funds available to you. Remember, if you don’t use your funds by June 15 those funds revert back to the pool to be awarded the next fiscal year.

Suggestions, comments, helping us out

If you have suggestions or comments about how we can improve the program, we would love to hear from you. We are always trying to tailor the program to make it as seamless as possible for us to provide the needed funds while you to provide needed care.

If you are interested in helping out with our fundraisers, volunteering behind the scenes or even possibly serving on our advisory board, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

You can contact us:
— Anne Marie Benfatto, DVM — Hanna Lee

SFAfA — Submit a Request for Funding


Latest News from SFAfA — Fall 2021

We are so pleased to announce that as of July 1st, San Francisco Aid for Animals has entered our tenth year of providing grants to Bay Area veterinarians. Despite a very bumpy year for the entire veterinary community, we were able to hold our own with fundraising and have entered our new fiscal year ready to face the challenges ahead. This past year, with your help and support, we were able to provide over $200,000 for life-saving veterinary care for 66 pets. Our continued success has allowed us to expand our service area and we have added new member hospitals in Sonoma County and the East Bay which gives us the ability to reach more deserving families and their beloved pets. Many thanks to all of you for all of your help and support for this amazing program. Many of you have partnered with us since day one. We couldn’t have made it this far without you. Here is to another successful year for all of us! Thank you, thank you, thank you from San Francisco Aid for Animals.

The story of Hank — another success story:
We couldn’t have done it without all of you!

A pit bull puppy was found abandoned and left for dead in an orchard in the East Bay. He was taken to UnderDog Rescue, was named Hank and was placed as a foster with Molly and her family. It didn’t take long before they all fell in love. Hank had found his forever home. Some time later the family noticed some awkwardness in his gait and he was taken to IronHorse VetCare in Dublin where it was discovered that he had ligament tears in both stifles. Underdog Rescue and Hank’s new family were committed to funding Hank’s bilaterial TPLO surgery, but their resources did not completely cover the cost of Hank’s care. Luckily, as an SFAfA member hospital, IronHorse reached out to us and a grant was provided to cover the remainder of Hank’s medical costs. Hank had a successful surgery and is now recovering well at home.

Molly’s family sent us this message:

“We are so beyond grateful that you stepped in to help Hank! He is an absolutely precious boy who loves our family BIG and we love him BIG. It has been love at first cuddle and we can’t wait to have him back adventuring with us. Thank you thank you thank you for all you do and for making this chance for Hank possible! (Here he is wishing that he could jump on the couch again – soon enough buddy soon enough!)”

Latest News from SFAfA — Summer 2021

SFAFA is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, we have moved to a new fiscal sponsor and have replaced Community Initiatives with Inquiring Systems Inc of Santa Rosa. We don’t expect our member hospitals to see much change in SFAFA’s day to day business. We still have our non profit status and are working diligently to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Currently there are very few changes in our Grant Program and those that we have made will streamline the process even more. If you are a member hospital one of our board members has likely already contacted you to discuss the changes. If you haven’t heard from a board member please let us know.

We have made some updates to our Website and Donation platform and will continue to accept checks (made out to San Francisco Aid for Animals), credit cards and have added PayPal as a donation option. The donation page of our website ( has been updated to reflect this information.

Our In Memoriam program is going strong. If you would like more information or might be interested in participating please contact us.

Let us know if you have any questions or need any additional information about these changes. We are so happy and appreciative of the partnership that we have with SFVMA and all of our member hospitals and want to make sure to keep you informed. We could not do this important work with your help.

Latest News from SFAfA — Spring 2021

We want to remind everyone that despite the pandemic SFAFA is still going strong. SFAFA is here to help when you see cases where your clients are unable to afford their pet’s care.

Don’t forget that if you work in a member hospital you have been pre-approved for funds to help your clients. We are very happy to report that Ingrid Tauber has provided us with a very generous grant of $45,000 to refund the Tauber fund for 2021 to help with your larger cases.

Also included in this newsletter are a one-page flow chart to help you navigate our program and a sheet detailing some of the types of cases that we cover. Please download them and post them in your treatment rooms and doctors’ offices. We want you to remember SFAFA when you are working with a client whose pet has an urgent need for care and a good prognosis and the client can’t afford the bill.

As in previous grant cycles you have access to your GIA funds until June 15. Any funds not utilized by that date are returned to the general fund. They do not roll-over. Tauber funds are available on a first come, first served basis for the entire calendar year.

Later this spring we will contact all SFVMA members with enrollment information for our next fiscal year that starts on July 1, 2021.

If you have any questions about whether a case would qualify for our program, how
to submit a request for funds or any other matter please contact us either through our website: or directly via the email addresses below.

We are here to help you provide the best possible care for your patients and their families. Thank you for being part of the SFAFA family and for all of the good work you are doing for the Bay Area community. Stay well.

Anne Marie Benfatto, DVM

Hanna Lee

Latest News from SFAfA — Winter 2020


With the help of our member hospitals and our donors, we have provided $1,000,000 worth of life saving veterinary care for 577 well-loved Bay Area pets since “Riot” — *our very first case in 2012. THANK YOU. We are so grateful for your participation and support.

Our Grant-in-Aid funds were awarded to our member hospitals on July 1, and are available for use through June 15, 2021. Don’t forget about your SFAFA funds when you are treating a case where the client is facing financial need, and the case fits our criteria. If you have any questions about our criteria please reach out to us for help.

We have used all of our Tauber Funds for 2020. When more funds become available, we will let you know.

Latest News from SFAfA — Fall 2020

We have started our new fiscal year and are working with nineteen Bay Area Hospitals. Unfortunately the Tauber Fund for Animals has been depleted and is not available at this time. Questions about the program should be directed to Board members via the SFAFA website (

Despite the pandemic, our Board is working hard to strengthen our program and has increased fund raising efforts. If anyone is interested in helping out with our fundraising efforts, or serving as a volunteer or as a Board member, please contact us:

We are so proud of all the essential work being done by Bay Area Veterinary Hospitals.
You are all heroes and we are proud to play a small part in helping to support your efforts.

Latest News from SFAfA — Summer 2020

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought extraordinary challenges to Bay Area and local businesses. We expect that the need for SFAFA funds will increase in the coming months. If you are able, please consider making a gift to SFAFA to help us help Bay Area veterinarians secure the health and welfare of their patients, and to keep pets and their families together. We are so proud of all the work that you are doing, and feel honored to be able to partner with all of you.

The last day for submissions for this year’s GIA program is JUNE 15. Any of your unused GIA funds will revert back to the general fund on June 15. (Use it or lose it.) If you have any cases that may not meet the deadline please contact us ASAP so that we can earmark funds for you.

Due to the current financial crisis associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, we eliminated the required hospital match from March 16 through June 15, 2020, to make it easier for our member hospitals to award GIA funds. We will be reevaluating this program this month and will keep you updated. The pandemic has also greatly depleted our Tauber funds for this year. If you have a case that could use these funds please check our website for current availability.

We have sent out enrollment packages for our next fiscal year that begins on July 1. Please fill out the forms and return them to us by June 1. We want to make sure that anyone who wishes to participate in our program has the opportunity to do so. If you did not receive an enrollment package, or would like to start the program, please contact Hanna Lee at: or Anne Marie Benfatto at:

Congratulations to VCA SF Veterinary Specialists. They were the first hospital this year to use all of their GIA funds, and so were awarded an additional $1,000 from the Phil Durfee fund, to use on any SFAFA case this year.

Stay well and thank you!

Latest News from SFAfA — Winter 2019

We are pleased to let you know that we have over 120 veterinarians participating in our Grant-in-Aid program this year. We have also started a pilot program with a few hospitals in other Bay Area cities. Don’t forget that your GIA funds are available until June 15, 2020. Our Tauber Fund for highend cases is fully funded through December 31, 2019.

We are planning an exciting new fund raising event for February 2020. Watch your e-mail for more information.

We welcome any and all suggestions, volunteers, as well as donations. If you are interested please contact any of our Board Members for more information. Board members information is posted on our web site:

Latest News from SFAfA — Fall 2019

Things are going well at SFAFA. A very successful fund raiser, Bark & Brew, was held on August 31. Thank you all that attended.

Our board of Directors has grown significantly over the past six months allowing us to do more fund raising, more outreach and provide more grants than ever before. So far this fiscal year we had saved 475 pets.

Our new grant year started on July 1, 2019 and everyone should have received all the necessary information about their available Grants-in-Aid funds for use between now and June 15, 2020. If anyone has questions about the program or their grants please contact Dr. Annemarie Benfatto (

Latest News from SFAfA — Summer 2019

So far this year we have provided over $150,000 (GIA’s and hospital matches) to help save over 85 pets. Please remember that our fiscal year ends June 30 and any unused GIA funds will be returned to the general fund to be distributed in next year’s GIA program. Let us know before June 15 if you will have any difficulties meeting that deadline for a specific case; we may be able to earmark fund for you.

The Tauber Fund, which runs on a calendar year cycle, is still well funded. If you think you may have a case that will qualify please contact us.

This past year has been very busy. In addition the GIA and Tauber programs we established a Fire Fund that we mobilized during the Camp Fire and partnered with veterinary hospitals and the Butte County Humane Society to provide financial assistance to pets in need and their families. We also established a new fund (Dr. Phil Durfee fund) that provides a $1,000 grant to the first SFAFA hospital that exhausts their GIA funds and needs additional help. This year the recipient was Bay Area Bird Hospital.

Our Bow-Wow film was a great success. Thank you to everyone, individuals and hospitals, for your support. Your continued support allows us to help more pets.

Our In Memoriam Program is growing and we hope you will join. For a small contribution to SFAFA we send out a card to your client letting them know that we received a donation from you in their pet’s memory. Our participating hospitals are very happy with the responses they received from their clients. A great way to help SFAFA and to honor your clients.

More information on all programs is available on the “For Providers” page at or by emailing

Latest News from SFAfA — Spring 2019

We are pleased to announce that since July 2018 our Grant-in-Aid program has distributed over $27,000 which, together with the matching grants from our participating hospitals, has provided over $63,000 in veterinary care and helped save fifty five animals.

Our second program, The Ingrid Tauber Fund for Animals, which is designed for higher cost cases, has distributed $50,000 in 2018 and has helped save thirteen animals. The Tauber Fund also provided funds that helped provide veterinary care for many animals affected by the recent Camp fire in Butte County.

More information on all programs is available on the “For Providers” page at or by emailing

Latest News from SFAfA — Winter 2018

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Dr. Phil Durfee Fund in recognition of Phil’s five years of service as an SFAFA Board member and his continuing volunteer service to Vet SOS and PAWS.

The purpose of this Fund is to help hospitals that wish to accept patients who are eligible for SFAFA Grants in Aid but have already exhausted their annual GIA funding. The Fund will provide up to $1,000 to the first hospital that has used its entire GIA grant and does not need to be matched. Details will be available through

A generous SFAFA Board member has offered to match all donations until our goal of $5,000 is reached enabling us to extend this fund for many years. Please consider making a donation today!

Our existing programs continue to fund life saving care to pets in need. Since July 1 our Grants–in-Aid program has provided over $10,000 in funding and helped save 22 pets while the Ingrid Tauber Fund for Animals has donated nearly $23,000 and helped save 7 pets. Together with the matching donations generously provided by our participating hospitals that is over $53,000 worth of life saving care provided in the last three months alone.

More information is available on the “For Providers” page at or by emailing

Latest News from SFAfA — Fall 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have 108 veterinarians from fifteen hospitals enrolled in our Grant-in-Aid (GIA) program for this year.

If you have clients who are in a financial pinch please remember that we have over $70,000 available for GIA awards as well as the Tauber Fund to help you save pets. We also have a small balance remaining in our fund for fire victims. Should you see a fire victim case please contact us before promising any SFAFA funds.

All of the funds that we distribute come from donations. Please consider supporting us by telling your clients about SFAFA, following us on social media, joining our In Memoriam program, and/or by attending our fundraising events or donating directly to SFAFA.

We have just started a small pilot program with four Bay Area hospitals (North, South and East Bay). We are hopeful that by expanding SFAFA to different counties we can get the word out and help save more beloved pets.

The Ingrid Tauber Fund for Animals (TFA) will be available in FYE19: For those special cases where the anticipated costs are high and the client is in need of financial assistance please remember the TFA program. The animal must have an urgent need for veterinary care, a reasonably good prognosis and the client must have exhausted all other financial options. Funding of up to $5,000 per case will be considered provided that you make a matching donation of in-kind services or discounts equivalent to 25% of the TFA funding. More information is available on the “For Providers” page at or by emailing

Latest News from SFAfA — Summer 2018

SFAFA has had a very successful year helping save 75 pets and distributing over $45,000 through our Grants-in-Aid program.


May 31: Last day to submit your paperwork if you wish to participate in the Grant-in-Aid program for FYE 2019 (July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019). If you miss the deadline to send in your paperwork and wish to participate please immediately contact Dr. Anne Marie Benfatto (

June 15, 2018: Last day to submit paperwork for any FY18 Grant-in-Aid funding that you awarded to a client. Any unused Grant-in-Aid funds will be rolled over to the Grant-in-Aid program for FYE19.

July 1, 2018: Welcome letters will be sent out announcing grant amounts for the FYE19 Grant-in-Aid program.

The Ingrid Tauber Fund for Animals (TFA) will be available in FYE19: For those special cases where the anticipated costs are high and the client is in need of financial assistance please remember the TFA program. The animal must have an urgent need for veterinary care, a reasonably good prognosis and the client must have exhausted all other financial options. Funding of up to $5,000 per case will be considered provided that you make a matching donation of in-kind services or discounts equivalent to 25% of the TFA funding. More information is available on the “For Providers” page at or by emailing

Latest News from SFAfA — Spring 2018

Don’t forget San Francisco Aid for Animals when you have a client in need of financial assistance. We have three programs in 2018 to assist you. Our Grant-in Aid Program has already provided almost $30,000 in funding to help 53 pets so far this fiscal year. Together with matching services donated by hospitals it has resulted in over $60,000 in life-saving care. Many participating hospitals that signed up for this year’s program still have funds remaining so please encourage your hospital to use all funds before the June 15 deadline.

When you are working on a larger case where anticipated costs are higher think about the Ingrid Tauber Fund for Animals. In 2017 the TFA provided over $45,000 in funds and helped 13 pets. Funding of up to $5000 per case will be considered and the hospital needs only to provide a 25% matching donation of in-kind services or discounts. Any veterinarian may apply for 2018 TFA funds. More information on both programs is available on the “For Providers” page at or by emailing

Finally, the Ingrid Tauber Fire Fund for Animals was established to help victims of the Northern California wildfires in October. This one-time fund provides immediate and follow up care to any animal and their owners who were impacted in any way by the fires. This fund has just over $7000 left and is available to any hospital with no match required. Please contact us for details.

Latest News from SFAfA — Winter 2017

We are happy to report that since July 1, 2017 SF Aid for Animals has provided over $23,000 in funding to help save fifteen dogs and two cats.

Thirteen of these patients received aid through our GIA Program while four, with more serious medical problems, qualified for grants from the Ingrid Tauber Fund for Animals.

This year one hundred twelve veterinarians have joined SFAFA and have received help with cases varying from cataract surgery to tetanus.  As a member you are encouraged to apply for assistance for any case where financial considerations might alter the outcome.

The Ingrid D. Tauber Fund has just released an additional $25,000 to SFAFA for the treatment and care of any pets injured in the Napa/Sonoma fires. Please contact us at: if you know of any such cases.

Support SFAfA and Have Fun! — Fall 2017

We are proud to present the 3rd Annual Bow Wow Film Festival! Come join us for this fun event to celebrate our beloved canine companions!

We are so excited about the movies we have chosen for our 2017-18 Tour! A few highlights for this years films; we have movies about working dogs, both old school and new school, we have the return of the delightful Ask Frank and his advice column and we go international with movies filmed abroad!

Come laugh and cheer and maybe even tear up a bit as we marvel in all the ways these beloved furry creatures touch our lives!

Proceeds benefit San Francisco Aid for Animals

The San Francisco event will be held at Tank18 Wine Bar!

Doors open at 5:30p and movies start at 6:30p! There will also be a silent auction, door prizes, raffles & snacks.

Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for kiddos 12 and under. At the door tickets will be $25 for adults and $10 for 12 and under.

Come on out for a fun evening! Watch some awesome flicks and win fun Bow Wow schwag, all while you support valuable community organizations! See you at the show!

Bow Wow FIlm Fest 2017

Latest News from SFAfa — Summer 2017

We are excited to announce the introduction of the Tauber Fund for Pets (TFP) that allows veterinarians participating in our Grant-in-Aid (GIA) program to access supplemental funds outside the GIA program. Details on how participating veterinarians can utilize TFP funds will be distributed in the coming weeks.

Funding for this program can provide up to an additional $5,000 per case over the GIA match, and we hope will allow us to help save those pets whose medical bills far exceed our current GIA program. If you feel you may have an urgent need for these funds, please contact board member Ken Linton at:

In other news we are happy to report that so far this fiscal year we have helped save thirty-two pets and awarded grants of over $23,000. We thank you for your continued participation.

— Phil Durfee
Spring 2017

Great News from SFAfA — Winter 2016

We are happy to report that since July 1 we have distributed over $7200 to help 18 pets. The in memoriam program as well as the dog-house donation jars are all doing well and we thank you.

By the time you receive this newsletter you should have received both our autumn Newsletter as well as our year-end annual appeal letter and we thank you in advance for any financial support you can give us. If you wish you are more than welcome to make copies of the newsletter and the appeal letter and distribute them as you see fit.

SFAFA is sponsoring a BOWWOW Film Festival at SOMA arts on Feb. 3, 2017. There will by food, drinks and dog-centric movies. For more info please go to Save the date!

Thank you again for your continued support and our wishes for a Happy Holidays Season.