Latest News from SFAfA — Spring 2023

We are more than halfway through our fiscal year and delighted that so many hospitals are using their funds. For those of you who haven’t utilized all of your grant funds, don’t forget that what you don’t use by June 15th is returned to our general fund and awarded to all of our member hospitals in the next fiscal year. We want to help you help as many pets and their families as possible.

We are very pleased that our Tauber Fund for Animals will be available to you again this year. The funds are first come – first served, for more costly cases and have a different matching structure than our Grant in Aid Program. To make it easier for you, the For Providers section of our website shows the real time balance available in the fund. We can be reached anytime if you have questions about what type of cases qualify and how to access the funds.

Please watch your email for enrollment information for our next funding cycle, which starts July 1st. This spring we will be emailing your hospital an enrollment packet for the new fiscal year. Please complete and return it to us. We will inform you at the end of June about your available funding.

We are continuing to strive to meet you and your patient’s needs in this ever-changing environment. Over the last few years, we have expanded our program by adding more San Francisco and Bay Area hospitals. With your feedback, we have been adding new programs and modifying our existing ones to help you better assist your clientele. Our current programs include the Grant in Aid Program, Tauber Fund for Animals, Good Partner Program and Durfee Funds. If you are unfamiliar with any of these programs or want any guidance on how to access these funds, please reach out any time.

We wanted to introduce you to “Toto” a 5-year-old DMH who had a markedly comminuted right humoral fracture. Toto’s pet parent was experiencing health issues and financial difficulties. He was declined Care Credit. His pet insurance did not cover the entire bill for surgical repair. Amputation was his only option. Toto’s dad reached out for help through our website. We directed him to our member hospitals listed on our website. He was able to connect with Dr. Tong at Lenity. With an SFAfA grant, Toto’s leg was repaired. He is doing great at home and is expected to have full use of his leg, a far better outcome than amputation.

Some of the other cases for which we have recently provided funds are a toy poodle who needed a cystotomy, a DSH with a jejunal foreign body, a French Bulldog who needed an enucleation, a DSH with a mammary mass, a chihuahua with a gingival mass and severe dental disease, a DMH with a degloving injury on her tail, a Pit Bull with a pyometra and a toy poodle who had bite wounds after being attacked by a large dog. What amazing work!

We are so proud to be able to partner with such amazing people. You don’t hear it nearly enough. Thank you for all of your dedication, hard work and the care that you provide.

Thank you for all that you do!

Best regards from everyone at San Francisco Aid for Animals