Latest News from SFAfA — Fall 2023

SFAFA’s grant cycle (which began July 1) is in full swing with over 20 Bay Area Hospitals and over 100 veterinarians participating. This year the GIA match has been reduced to 50% to make more funds available to more hospitals.

The Tauber Funds for the most serious cases, which funds on a calendar year basis, has been exhausted for 2023. We hope it will be refunded in January.

If you are not a member veterinarian and would like to learn more about our program or if you are a member and have any questions please reach out to us at:

Finally — If you, your friends or family will be in San Ramon on Monday September 18 between 4:30 and 8PM you must go to Gianni’s Italian Bistro. During that time all tips and 10% of all sales go to SFAfA!!