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[Canceled!] Upcoming Meeting — Spring 2020

Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Spring 2020 Meeting Has Been Canceled!

Dear SFVMA Members,

We regret to inform you that the SFVMA meeting scheduled for Thursday March 19th has been cancelled.

Unfortunately, our meeting sponsor and speaker cancelled at the end of last week secondary to a company policy preventing travel during the month of March due to COVID-19. Many members have also been asked not to attend large meetings during the month of March.

Since the meeting has been cancelled, we are decreasing the price of membership for 2020 from $250 for the year to $190. Individual meetings will be $80 per meeting. The due date for membership will still be April 15 (tax day). For those of you that have already paid for membership, we will process partial refunds. For those that have paid for the upcoming meeting already, we will process full refunds.

We appreciate your patience in this process, as we are all volunteers working to keep the association up and running for all members. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Otherwise, we hope to see you all Thursday June 19 for our next meeting at the Cliff House!


Your SFVMA board members

2020 Meeting Schedule

  • Summer — Thursday, June 18
  • Fall — Thursday, September 17
  • Winter — Thursday, November 19

All meetings are open to all DVMs
Non-members pay $80
Annual membership $190*  (* for 2020 only)

SFVMA Membership Enrollment for 2020 is Now Open!

Greetings and Happy New Year from the SFVMA!

We hope that everyone enjoyed the holiday season. A special thanks to all you ER folks that held down the fort over the holidays. It’s dues time again!

Whether you are a potential new member or renewing your membership, please take a moment to be sure that your contact information is up-to-date with us (especially the email address to which the newsletter should be directed) by completing a membership application. The membership form may be submitted electronically on our website: www.sfvma.net/membership

Dues are $250 $190 per year (for 3 quarterly meetings) per member for 2020. Dues payments may be made with either check, or by PayPal through the invoice forms available on the website. If payment is made for more than one application, please clearly indicate which individuals are included in the payment (this option is also available online, or a list of individuals to be covered may be emailed to the treasurer). Each member should complete an application regardless of payment method so that their contact information is updated. Payment is due by April 15th. After this date, payments will be on a “per meeting” basis ($80 per meeting). No exceptions! 

SFVMA members’ names will be listed on the website with hospital affiliation. Email addresses will be confidential and used only for the purposes of communicating with the membership regarding matters related to the organization.  

We look forward to seeing you at the Cliff House on March 19th for the first meeting of 2020! 


Amy Lightstone BVSc

SFVMA Secretary


Keely Commins DVM

SFVMA Treasurer


2020 Membership Information and Application Forms

Rabies Clinic

[ canceled! ]

Sunday, March 15, 2020
10am – 1pm
$6 per Vaccine!

(Dogs Only / Cash Only)

Rabies Clinic

The SFVMA sponsors Rabies Clinics on four Sundays each year. Rabies clinics are held at Animal Care and Control (ACC), 1200 15th Street (at Harrison), in the “Get Acquainted” Room.

Animal Care and Control

Thanks to Our Volunteers!

Thank you to all the volunteers that continually make these clinics a success! Volunteers are still needed for the upcoming 2020 Rabies Clinics. Sign up today!

Please email sfvmavp@gmail.com with your information to sign up for a clinic. Rabies clinics will be held at Animal Care and Control (ACC), 1200 15th Street (at Harrison) from 10am–1pm.

Please contact Anna DeVincenzi if you have any questions or would like to volunteer: sfvmavp@gmail.com

2020 Rabies Clinics

  • Sunday, March 15
    [ CANCELLED! ]
  • Sunday, June 14
  • Sunday, September 13
  • Sunday, December 13

SFVMA News — Spring 2020

Latest SFVMA Newsletter

SFVMA Newsletter — Spring 2020


Part of the preparation for these quarterly SFVMA meetings is reaching out to the sponsors to confirm their support and attendance. One of those sponsors who has been incredibly gracious with her time and financial support is Sharon Burns from Nationwide. Thank you to Sharon and please say hello to her at the meeting. That got me to thinking how little I knew about the pet insurance industry and how rapidly it has grown. More importantly, the likelihood is that it will grow significantly over the next few years.

Over the last five years, increasing consumer awareness and the diversity of products has benefited the Pet Insurance sector. The latest available statistics tell us that 30% of pets in Sweden and 23% of pets in the United Kingdom have health insurance. In the United States it is between 1% and 2% and yet this figures continues to increase and the prediction is for continued industry growth. Why is there this massive difference in the percentage of insured animals when comparing US to Sweden and UK? …

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Spring 2020 SFVMA Newsletter