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SFVMA Membership Enrollment for 2022 is Now Open!

Membership Applications Will be Accepted Until April 18, 2022

Dear colleagues,

We hope that your 2022 is starting off well! We are happy to announce that the SFMVA is returning to in-person meetings this year in June at McCormick and Kuleto’s in San Francisco’s historic Ghirardelli Square. We will have one last online CE on Thursday, March 24 at 7pm, before transitioning back to seeing your wonderful faces. The last couple years have been incredibly challenging for the veterinary world, yet we have some truly extraordinary veterinarians and hospitals in this city.

We would love to try to bring everyone back together in our veterinary community. Our quarterly meetings are a great way to meet other veterinarians, commiserate, celebrate our wins, and support each other while getting in some CE, and a delicious meal. They are also a good way to bring your ideas and thoughts to board members to take onto the CVMA. Whether you are a potential new member or renewing your membership, please take a moment to update your contact information (especially the email address to which the newsletter should be directed) by completing a membership application. The membership form may be submitted electronically on our website: 


Dues are $200 per year (for 4 quarterly meetings = 1 online and 3 in-person) per member for 2022. Dues payments may be made with either check (PO Box 320365, SF, CA 94132)  or by PayPal through the invoice forms available on the website. If payment is made for more than one application, please clearly indicate which individuals are included in the payment (this option is also available online, or a list of individuals to be covered may be emailed to the treasurer). Each member should complete an application regardless of payment method so that their contact information is updated. Payment is due by April 15. After this date, payments will be on a “per meeting” basis.

SFVMA members’ names will be listed on our website with hospital affiliation. Email addresses will be confidential and used only for the purposes of communicating with the membership regarding matters related to the organization.

We hope you will join us in 2022!

Warm regards,

Dr. Amy Lightstone
SFVMA President

Dr. Anna DeVincinzi
SFVMA Vice President

Dr. Tiffany Hahn
SFMVA Secretary

Dr. Keely Commins
SFVMA Treasurer

Upcoming VIRTUAL CE Meeting — Spring 2022

Please join the SFVMA for an informative webinar on

Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 7:00pm

“Tigilanol Tiglate: Seeing is Believing”
(1.0 hours)

Presented by: Dr. Scott Weinman, DVM, MBA

Scott Weinman was raised on a family farm in Minnesota. From a very early age, he dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. After completing degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, he attended Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine where he obtained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree. While in practice, he returned to Seattle University-Alber’s School of Business and Economics to earn his MBA in Operations Management. Dr. Weinman completed a year-long Fellowship in Shelter Medicine (focus on infectious disease) in 2016 at UC Davis.

His veterinary career has encompassed general and emergency practice, managing veterinary practices, serving on the board of a multi-state practice network, working as a corporate trainer, providing relief veterinary services, and business consulting. Also, he has spent over a decade as a Field Based Technical Services Veterinarian, speaking on a variety of topics from Heartworm disease, Osteoarthritis, Pain Management, Canine & Feline Heart Disease, Atopic Dermatitis, Oncology, Wound Closure & Management, Infectious Disease and Vaccinology, and management topics such as Medical Adherence, Teambuilding and Leadership, and Marketing. Prior to joining Virbac, Dr. Weinman was an urgent care veterinarian at a busy 24 hour emergency practice in the Portland area.

Dr. Weinman currently resides in Davis, CA where he lives with his partner, a labradoodle named “Daisy,” and a tuxedo cat named “Pinot Noir.” He enjoys travel, outdoor activities, and is an amateur mixologist and chef.

This program is approved for 1.0 TOTAL hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions which recognize RACE.
* You must attend the full presentations to receive CE Credit

Click here for Zoom Registration —
Please RSVP by Monday, March 21 to receive a $20 GrubHub gift card

Meeting Sponsor

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Stelfonta Detail Aid Ad

In-Person CE Meetings Return this Summer!

We are pleased to announce our upcoming meetings will be held in-person at McCormick & Kulettos in the beautiful Ghiradelli Square the following dates:

June 16, 2022

September 15, 2022

November 17, 2022

SFVMA News — Spring 2022

Latest Newsletter


Dear Colleagues,

I hope that everyone was able to enjoy the holidays and ring in the new year. Hopefully 2022, will continue to be an improvement over the last couple of years. We are excited to announce that we are moving towards returning to in-person meetings this year. After a long search, we are working with McCormick and Kuleto’s to return to seeing your wonderful faces for our June meeting. Prior to this, we will have an online meeting March 24th at 7 pm sponsored by Virbac to learn about Stelfonta treatment for mast cell tumors. All attendees who RSVP in advance will be emailed GrubHub gift vouchers for dinner delivery during the meeting.

There are many new veterinarians and new practices springing up in San Francisco, and we look forward to welcoming both new and old faces together. The SFVMA meetings are a wonderful way to meet other veterinarians in the area and network. If you know other area veterinarians who might be interested in joining the SFVMA, please encourage them to do so. We could all use some extra camaraderie and support these days, and a good meal while getting some CE never hurts either. …

Continue reading this article and more in the
Spring 2022 SFVMA Newsletter

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The CVMA defends your right to practice by actively representing the veterinary profession on proposed federal and state legislation and regulations at the legislature and the Veterinary Medical Board.


New CVMA Delegate Needed!

We need a new CVMA Delegate and alternative
to represent San Francisco veterinarians!

Please reach out to
Tiffany Hahn at sfvmasecretary@gmail.com
if you are interested in helping represent out community!