Rabies Clinic

Sunday, September 9, 2018
10am – 1pm
$6 per Vaccine!

(Dogs Only / Cash Only)

Rabies Clinic

The SFVMA sponsors Rabies Clinics on four Sundays each year. Rabies clinics are held at Animal Care and Control (ACC), 1200 15th Street (at Harrison), in the “Get Acquainted” Room.

Animal Care and Control

2018 Rabies Clinic Schedule

(Always on Sunday)
  • December 9

Thanks to Our Volunteers!

Thank you to all the volunteers that continually make these clinics a success! Volunteers are still needed for the December Rabies Clinic and we are starting sign ups for the 2018 clinics.

Please email sfvmavp@gmail.com with your information to sign up for a clinic. Rabies clinics will be held at Animal Care and Control (ACC), 1200 15th Street (at Harrison) from 10am–1pm.

Please contact Anna DeVincenzi if you have any questions or would like to volunteer: sfvmavp@gmail.com

Latest News from SFAfA — Fall 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have 108 veterinarians from fifteen hospitals enrolled in our Grant-in-Aid (GIA) program for this year.

If you have clients who are in a financial pinch please remember that we have over $70,000 available for GIA awards as well as the Tauber Fund to help you save pets. We also have a small balance remaining in our fund for fire victims. Should you see a fire victim case please contact us before promising any SFAFA funds.

All of the funds that we distribute come from donations. Please consider supporting us by telling your clients about SFAFA, following us on social media, joining our In Memoriam program, and/or by attending our fundraising events or donating directly to SFAFA.

We have just started a small pilot program with four Bay Area hospitals (North, South and East Bay). We are hopeful that by expanding SFAFA to different counties we can get the word out and help save more beloved pets.

The Ingrid Tauber Fund for Animals (TFA) will be available in FYE19: For those special cases where the anticipated costs are high and the client is in need of financial assistance please remember the TFA program. The animal must have an urgent need for veterinary care, a reasonably good prognosis and the client must have exhausted all other financial options. Funding of up to $5,000 per case will be considered provided that you make a matching donation of in-kind services or discounts equivalent to 25% of the TFA funding. More information is available on the “For Providers” page at sfafa.org or by emailing requests@sfafa.org.