SFVMA News — Spring 2024

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PRESIDENT’S Statement  —  March 2024

Hello all our members,

I am hoping that everyone is enjoying a prosperous 2024 so far. With our frequent wind and rain this year, I am told that Giardia associated diarrhea is keeping the Flagyl and Fenbendazole flying off the shelves. Seems like a good time to be in the soft stool treatment business. Please feel free to let me know what types of disease your practices are seeing increases in so that we can keep each other informed. Changes in the ways that reference laboratories share information with public health agencies make it more important for our local community to communicate what we are seeing on the frontlines.

On the topic of public health, I have been asked to invite our members to take part in a short survey. Dr. Kim Conway is the One Health lead veterinarian at the California Department of Public Health, Center for Environmental Health. They are conducting a statewide survey of California companion animal veterinarians on the topic of antimicrobial prescription practices. The data collected is aimed at combating antimicrobial resistance through the development of materials that may benefit California veterinarians and their patients. It is anonymous and only took me 10 to 15 minutes to complete. A link to the survey is here: https://ncv.microsoft.com/Z02ISthvbd. Please note this survey will only be open through the end of March.