SFVMA News — Spring 2020

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SFVMA Newsletter — Spring 2020


Part of the preparation for these quarterly SFVMA meetings is reaching out to the sponsors to confirm their support and attendance. One of those sponsors who has been incredibly gracious with her time and financial support is Sharon Burns from Nationwide. Thank you to Sharon and please say hello to her at the meeting. That got me to thinking how little I knew about the pet insurance industry and how rapidly it has grown. More importantly, the likelihood is that it will grow significantly over the next few years.

Over the last five years, increasing consumer awareness and the diversity of products has benefited the Pet Insurance sector. The latest available statistics tell us that 30% of pets in Sweden and 23% of pets in the United Kingdom have health insurance. In the United States it is between 1% and 2% and yet this figures continues to increase and the prediction is for continued industry growth. Why is there this massive difference in the percentage of insured animals when comparing US to Sweden and UK? …

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