SFVMA News — Spring 2017

Leptospirosis in Bay Area

There has been an apparent increase in the incidence of leptospirosis across the country, including within San Francisco. Please be keep this in mind when presented with dogs showing possible clinical signs (fever, lethargy, gastrointestinal upset, renal failure with or without liver failure). Consider discussions about preventative measures with at-risk pets, and remember that this is a zoonotic disease. If you have a suspected or confirmed case, please email Katie Kennedy at sfvmasecretary@gmail.com; SFVMA will be tracking the incidence and report back.

2017 SFVMA Membership

Now that we are solidly into 2017, don’t forget to pay your SFVMA membership dues. Annual membership dues are unchanged at $230/doctor and continue to include dinner at all 4 CE meetings at the Cliff House and a 25% discount for newsletter advertisements. Please complete the Membership Application on the website; payment can be submitted by credit card via PayPal or by check. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Katie Kennedy at sfvmasecretary@gmail.com.