Latest News from SFAfA — Winter 2017

We are happy to report that since July 1, 2017 SF Aid for Animals has provided over $23,000 in funding to help save fifteen dogs and two cats.

Thirteen of these patients received aid through our GIA Program while four, with more serious medical problems, qualified for grants from the Ingrid Tauber Fund for Animals.

This year one hundred twelve veterinarians have joined SFAFA and have received help with cases varying from cataract surgery to tetanus.  As a member you are encouraged to apply for assistance for any case where financial considerations might alter the outcome.

The Ingrid D. Tauber Fund has just released an additional $25,000 to SFAFA for the treatment and care of any pets injured in the Napa/Sonoma fires. Please contact us at: if you know of any such cases.