SFVMA is Looking for a New President!

 We are actively seeking a volunteer to
join the SFVMA Executive Board as President.

The Executive Board meets four times a year In addition to the quarterly SFVMA General meetings. The SFVMA President is responsible for presiding at all General meetings and Executive Board meetings, arranging speakers and sponsorship for quarterly General meetings, and writing a President’s Message for the quarterly SFVMA Newsletter.

You will be joining a lively and experienced Executive Board who are dedicated to advancing the science and art of veterinary medicine, including its relationship to public health and the biological sciences.

Alternatively, if anyone is interested in the role of Secretary of the SFVMA Executive Board, we are happy to shuffle roles. The Secretary is responsible for publishing the quarterly newsletter, soliciting and managing advertisements for the newsletter and website, sending invoices, handling general enquiries via email, and keeping the minutes of meetings.

If you are interested, please reach out to
Amy Lightstone at sfvmasecretary@gmail.com

UPDATE 2020-11-7:   We are still looking for a new President or Secretary if anyone is interested. You would be working with 3 lovely veterinarians who have backyard wine meetings!   : )